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College vs. University

Although many people tend to think of colleges and universities as identical, they are, in fact, significantly different in several respects. It is true that both are institutions of higher learning that require a high school diploma for entrance, and both teach classes at a higher learning level. However, their focus is different. Universities are more research-driven and provide not only more opportunities for research experiences but also a more research-oriented, somewhat open-ended perspective on knowledge (Narr). Colleges have a more vocational focus, generally providing courses that constitute training for a particular profession, such as teaching. Some collegesùsuch as technical collegesùonly provide training for a certain field. Universities also tend to be larger than colleges; in fact, many universities have a number of colleges within them (ôChoosing a College - Criteria to Consider & Vocabularyö).

A university education is usually regarded by employers as more rigorous and comprehensive than a college educationùand therefore betterùas well. Although there are learning institutions labeled as ôliberal arts colleges,ö they do not provide the type of liberal arts education that comparable universities provide. A university demands more and has higher academic standards than a college. It also tends to have a more serious academic tone. In college, students are expected to learn the material that is provided to them; in college, they are expected to research topics on their own, well beyond the bounds of the classroom environment; as one university student puts it, ôWeÆre constantly reminded that weÆre here to learn and not to be taughtö (ôCampus Life,ö 5). Self-study is a fact of life in the university, and students are encouraged to pursue their studies on their own in addition to completing their required classwork. Many university classes provide syllabi listing suggested r


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