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Part-Time Job Exemplification Essay

A part-time job is an important experience, one that every college student should have. The main benefit of taking a part-time job is the skills it provides for the career the student will begin after graduation. Learning to juggle studies and a job without compromising either of them is good time-management training that can pay off in starting a first corporate job (Rowh 2003). The maximum benefit, though, comes from the student's getting a job in his chosen career field. That job can be part of the student's job search and a stepping stone to a real job later on. In addition, the student can develop real-world skills in his chosen field that will give him some actual credentials to put on his resumeýsomething most new graduates do not have (Till 2001). He will learn how to handle real-world pressures and projects as well as how to handle the corporate environmen


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