Importance of Job Analysis in an Organization

Analysis of jobs in the organization is a primary task for setting a baseline that enables human resources (HR) professionals to effectively manage job-related activities. Job analysis consists of two components: job description and job specification ("HRD & Marketing"). The job description "states job related details such as duties and responsibilities, salary and incentives, working conditions and facilities, etc.," whereas the job specification "gives the related details like qualifications and qualities required by job holders, experience and training required, etc." ("HRD & Marketing"). A job analysis is an efficient way to gather useful information about a job, and its cost-effectiveness makes it affordable for any organization (Adams).

Any attempt to apply HR resources and talent to the organization's jobs will be more effective if those jobs are clearly specified in terms of their variables. An effective training program for a particular job cannot be developed unless information about what the job entails is elucidated, for example. Details about the job's content, systems, standards, and demands can be used to choose or develop a training program that specifically meets the needs of the employees (Adams).

A job analysis is useful for many reasons. It can facilitate employee performance evaluations and promotions by identifying the level of work the employee has been accomplishing well and specifying the level of work required for the new job at th



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