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Types of Stores

1. A big box and superstore are virtually interchangeable They derive their profits from high-volume sales rather than from price mark up. To sell a profitable volume, they must occupy a large space, and typically range in size from 50,000 to 200,000 square feet. They are usually located near a freeway exit, and use a windowless, box-type building style with single-layer layout and large areas for parking.

Specialty stores are usually small in size, usually one story, and specialize in one type of product, e.g. womenÆs clothing, electronics, toys. They are the type of stores found in shopping malls or along streets with heavy pedestrian traffic. Department stores are large stores, usually multi-level, which carry many different types of products ranging from furniture, housewares, kitchenware to clothing and shoes for all ages, to makeup and jewelry.

2. Most Canadians buy their electronics at large specialty

stores such as Future Shop, 2001 Audio Video, A & B Sound and London Drugs (Ye and Kim) 7). They also buy them from traditional department stores such as The Bay, Sears and Wal-Mart, as well as at medium and small chains, and independent electronics stores.

3. The main significant difference between Wal-Mart and Best

Buy is that Wal-Mart carries a wider range of products -

clothing, housewares, groceries, etc. whereas Best Buy is basically a consumer electronics store, though it does sell some home appliances.

4. The Bay company is a traditional type department store. It fits in well with the redefinition scheme Mr. Park is faced with because Samsung is trying to upgrade its image in the mind of the consumer and is considering withdrawing its products from the mass marketing outlets to help in this effort. Placing it in a highly regarded department store would tie the name of The Bay Company to the Samsung name, giving the impression that The Bay Company endorsed the product and thus promoting sales....

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