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Health benefits of Tomatoes

Health benefits of tomatoes, their history, present uses, and study findings.

I. Background and history of the tomato plant

B. First discovered in South American Andes.

C. Considered poisonous in the United States until 1860.

II. Present uses of the tomato plant

A. Common vegetable as well found in other food products.

B. Second only to potatoes, average person consumes 80

A. Presence of lycopene, an antioxidant, in tomatoes aids

1. Lycopene in prevention of prostate cancer

2. Lycopene in decrease of heart disease

B. Amounts of lycopene vary with tomato plant lines and

1. Variances of amounts of lycopene found among

2. Variances of amounts of lycopene found between

different methods of food preparation

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