Walk Well, My Brother

In Farley Mowat's "Walk Well, My Brother," he makes a great contrast of values between Lavery and Konala. Lavery is angry, resentful, and self-absorbed, thinking only of himself and not at all of Konala and her needs. Moreover, he is prejudiced against her based on her primitive culture, viewing her as beneath him. When she offers him raw fish after the plane crashes, he shouts at her, "Eat it yourself...you animal!" (Mowat 138). She then builds a fire and roasts the fish, sensing that he does not want it because it is raw, but Lavery is inflamed with stubborn pride and eats his own can of cold baked beans instead of her aromatic roasted fish. In this midst of the disasters in the story-the plane crash, and his getting lost in the tundra-Lavery is fearful.

Konala poses an excellent contrast to Lavery in terms of values. Instead of his anger, she demonstrates placidity, even in the face of his provocative and insensitive behavio



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