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Equal Opportunity

Our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence were based on the idea that all men are created equal. What this really meant then and means even more today is that all men should have equal opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Affirmative Action is the one sure legal means to make that possible for everyone, regardless of race, religion or gender. ""Affirmative Action is a policy designed to create a nondiscriminatory environment for the management of human resources and the distribution of economic benefits...It means taking a second look to be fair to everyone who applies for a job or admission to college." (Anderson PG).

In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights law, but even as an African-American now has been elected as our next President, too many blacks and other minorities- including women- do not have a fair opportunity to move up in the work place and earn the same salaries as white males. We have to enact more legislation that absolutely and firmly announces: In America there is no place to discrimination!

Did you know that .6% of blacks polled recently felt that affirmative action has not gone far enough in promoting the interest of Minorities. More than HALF of African Americans feel discrimination! More laws are needed to turn that opinion around! The idea of affirmative action is not to EXCLUDE anyone Instead the proposed legislation will INCLUDE everyone, regardless of their race or gender. Affirmative Action is no guarantee of a job But it is and must be to make it possible that no one will be excluded from applying for a job, or being given that job (or turned down) because of the color of their skin or their gender or, for that matter, if they are disabled).

Here is one reason the old Civil Rights action is not enough: "The raw number of minorities increased in nearly all job categories but failed to keep pace with minority population increases during t...

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