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Social Learning Theory

The assumptions underlying social learning theory proposed by Albert Bandura are relevant to the impact of social learning on students age 8 with respect to behavior, dress, speech, and mannerisms. The primary assumption of social learning theory is that human behavior is primarily "learned observationally through modeling" (Van Wagner, 2009, p. 1). Social learning has a significant impact on students age 8 because they are impressionable and just learning how to behave based on larger social interactions such as in the classroom. Behavior is affected in a number of ways. Fictional characters in books, films, or other media can be used as symbols to model correct behavior for children. Teachers can readily serve as live models to impact children's behavior through actual demonstrations or acting out of behavior.

The impact of social learning on clothing or dress can be significant. At this age, children are just beginning to forge an idea of who they are and what they wear is a major part of this. Comparing their own clothes to those of others can have a beneficial or negative impact. For instance, one student may become unhappy when he realizes his peer has sneakers that are much more popular or expensive than his own. Another may notice that his peers usually wear cleaner jeans and so start making sure he does the same.

Speech is very much a socially learned skill. Teachers serve as verbal live models in the way they talk to children, including their tone and even nonverbal cues. Using videos to help children become familiar with speech of others and English in general will also have a significant impact on improving children's ability to speak. In-class readings of assignments where different students take turns reading are also beneficial for enhancing the ability of students this age to speak well. However, educators must control the classroom as children can also learn negative speech ...

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