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    Share Jesus without Fear Book Critique

    Fay, William and Shepherd, Linda Evans. Share Jesus without Fear. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1999

    The primary author of the book, William Fay, is a traveling evangelist whose mission is to ensure that people everywhere understand the news of Jesus Christ-that he saves.[1] Fay graduated from Denver Seminary and hosts the internationally syndicated radio show, "Let's Go," and his pamphlet, "How to Share Your Faith without an Argument," has sold more than five million copies.[2] Fay also produced a video with the same title as the book Share Jesus without Fear, along with the companion Share Jesus without Fear Journal and a variety of other related products.[3] In his testimony, Fay describes his childhood first. His father was the vice president of General Foods and had been the one to introduce the Bird's Eye line of frozen foods, so he was extremely wealthy, but his dissolute living used up the money; he died in a veterans' hospital, completely destitute.[4] Fay was determined that he would not follow in his father's footsteps, and this led him into a life of criminal activity, excessive spending, and failed marriages.[5] He met someone that described the emptiness of "happiness" and who told him that having a relationship with Jesus Christ was the only way to get peace, but Fay scoffed at him.[6] Over the next few years, however, a number of other Christians witnessed the same thing to him, and finally he gave his heart to Jesus Christ.[7] The first person he led to Christ was his own daughter, and since then he has devoted himself to showing others how to witness without fear.[8]

    The key message in Fay's and Shepherd's book is that everyone can witness for Jesus Christ without failing. All of the 11 chapters reinforce that message, and each of them addresses a particular issue related to witnessing and explains how to overcome it. In Chapter 1, "You Can't Fail," Fay discusses his own conversion and...

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