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Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin This pap

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin Compared

This paper will compare the lives of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The first part will discuss their backgrounds, including their childhood experiences and families. The second part will examine their personalities, focusing upon the similarities and differences. The third part will compare their respective political careers.

Although Stalin was ten years older than Hitler, both gained leaderships of their respective countries about the same time, the early 1930s. Although the ways in which they attained this power were different, both exercised power in similar fashions. Both were the dictators in their respective countries, sharing the ultimate power with no one. And both probably had greater influence on their countries than any other person in the 20th Century and much of the history of Germany and the Soviet Union since their deaths has been the result of their rules. Although Stalin outlived Hitler by ten years, the most decisive period of his rule in the Soviet Union occurred at the same time Hitler ruled Germany.

Joseph Stalin was born Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvili in Georgia in 1879. His father, a cobbler, was a violent man towards his family, while his mother was very strong willed. Joseph was a favorite of his mother, who saw that he attended the best schools available to a family of their means, eventually sending him to a seminary. Although a good student, he constantly caused trouble and fought against the school authorities. He was finally expelled from the seminary in 1899 at the age of 19, largely in response to his Marxist leanings; he left Georgia in order to take an active part in the burgeoning Marxist movement.

Hitler was born in 1889 in Bavaria. His father was a rather well respected low-level civil servant, while his mother doted on him, possibly in response to his father's cold and austere bearing. His father died in 1903, leaving Adolf ...

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