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Women om Politics

Women have been making gains in a wide variety of fields, and one of these is politics. Women have been elected to more offices in recent years than was true in the past, and yet women still have not achieved the same level of representation in Congress as they occupy in the population at large. This has led to calls by some to elect women to Congress specifically in order to redress this imbalance, while others point out that we should seek always to elect the most qualified without any consideration of gender. The question then becomes whether there are any reasons to elect women in particular to Congress and whether we should thus favor female candidates in elections. Voters presumably do vote on the basis of gender as they do on a variety of specific characteristics, but it may be that voters who consider gender vote for males more often in the belief that males are more qualified simply because they are males. If reasons can be given why women should be favored in elections, then the voters should consider gender and lean toward voting for women to achieve a better balance in their representation in Congress. One approach to this issue is to consider what women bring to the job when they are elected to Congress.

Women lawmakers across the country are showing that they can reshape the agenda of the legislature in states and at the federal level. A study conducted by the Center for the American Woman and Politics surveyed a nationally representative sample of women and men state legislators, and one thing that was discovered was that women in legislatures were having an impact on public policy that is distinctive and profound:

Elected women are working to make the agendas of legislative institutions more responsive to women's demands for equal rights as articulated by the contemporary women's movement and more reflective of women's concerns stemming from their roles as caregivers in the family and in society more gener...

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