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European Imperialism

Late 19th Century European Imperialism.

Johnson, R. (2003). British imperialism. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

A survey treatment of British imperial project around the world that deals with both positive and negative effects, concluding that it was not all bad and especially in India did some good.

Perras, A. (2004). Carl Peters and German imperialism 1856-1918: A political biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

A biography of Germany's imperialist program in Africa during the latter half the 19th century through World War I and an account of the credibility he has in Third Reich expansionism.

Chrisman, L. (2000). Rereading the imperial romance: British imperialism and South African resistance in Haggard, Schreiner, and Plaatje. New York: Clarendon.

Uses the device of literary criticism to critique pro-imperialist, postfeminist, and indigenous African perspectives on 19th-century imperialism.

Topic 2 - The tensions in the Balkans in the late 19th Century. Russo-Turkish War & Congress of Berlin in which the Russian-Otoman Treaty was revised.

Dadrian, V.N. (1997). The history of the Armenian genocide: Ethnic conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus. Providence, R.I.: Berghahn Books.

Although the agenda is principally to chronicle the post-WWI Armenian genocide, the book provides some historical background on the centuries-simmering ethnic cleavages of the region.

Glenny, M. (2000). The Balkans: Nationalism, war, and the great powers, 1804-1999. New York: Viking.

Argues basically that Balkan war dynamics are a creature of Great Power interventionism and gamesmanship.

Erickson, E. J. (2003). Defeat in detail: The Ottoman army in the Balkans, 1912-13. Westport, Conn.: Praeger.

Links military history to diplomatic history and shows linkages between the Balkan Wars and World War I.

Kidd, C. (1999). British identities before nationalism: Ethnicity and nationhood in


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