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Qualifications for Public Colleges Admission

Qualifications for admission to public colleges and universities have been set in terms of academic criteria, including testing and achievement in lower grades, but other criteria are also used. Non-academic criteria range from residency requirements for state facilities to affirmative action requirements to increase the participation of minorities and women, though these rules are currently under fire from certain quarters as ineffective or unfair. Colleges have long considered a variety of non-academic issues in deciding on candidates. Some colleges require essays in which the student is expected to indicate his or her attitude or to recount aspects of their life that might make them more in need than others. Likewise, money has always been a non-academic requirement, and those who cannot afford a higher education can often achieve it by winning a place in a scholarship program. Sports achievement is still another non-academic element that can be a deciding factor. Some non-academic factors should be taken into account in deciding who is to be admitted to the college or university, and criteria such as life experience, ethnic and racial background, and some non-academic achievements because having people of diverse backgrounds and abilities in the mix benefits all students, exposing them to a wider variety of the world than they would encounter in college otherwise.

This idea has been opposed by a number of people not because they believe students should not be exposed to a diversity of views and people but because they see admission in terms of being an achievement in itself, a sort of reward for academic work in lower grades. They see affirmative action and other programs to admit a broader range as being counter to the overarching idea of merit, as if admission to college were of necessity a prize given only to those who deserve it. Actually, higher education is not a prize but a process that benefits those who underta...

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