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The Doors and Peace Frog

It's been more than 30 years since Jim Morrison electrified audiences with his presence, but the Doors continue to break on through to the other side--as vital a presence on today's music scene as they ever were. The sixties rule, and the Doors ruled the sixties. And they're back, big time.

How's that possible? Two words: Peace Frog. You may have caught Peace Frog's appearance on CBS TV's The Linda McCartney Story singing "Backdoor Man," but the real story is being played out on rock-concert stages around the world. Peace Frog is the definitive Doors tribute band, re-creating live Doors concert performances for enthusiastic crowds everywhere.

Highly acclaimed for the intensity that the Doors brought to the concert stage, Peace Frog, which is named for a song on the 1970 album Morrison Hotel, brings the magic and magnetism of Jim Morrison to vivid life and captures the hypnotic drama of the Doors' performance style. It's rock 'n' roll theatre at its best. With dynamic lead singer Tony Fernandez struttin' his stuff on every move, vocal technique, and mannerism of Jim Morrison, Peace Frog makes the Doors a true presence for the audience. No sampling, no sound-system tricks--this is live music performance at its finest. With intoxicating renditions of "Hello, I Love You," "Light My Fire," "L.A. Woman," "The End," and other Doors classic songs, Peace Frog transforms any venue into an actual Doors concert experience.

From Venice Beach to Hollywood to the Las Vegas strip to Hawaii to Australia and beyond, Peace Frog has been acclaimed around the world for wowing audiences with legacy concerts that are so true to the original that people say they have an air of mystery about them. The band has also been a popular favorite for special concerts at private corporate parties.

In addition to giving live concerts, Peace Frog has recorded all the Doors classics and has an array of ancillary merchandise available. In early 2004, the band r...

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