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Cosmetics Aimed at Ethnic Groups

It is commonplace of business-management thought that effective marketing is a vital component of organization success. Internal organizational creativity, pressures of external competitive forces, and the ongoing need to gauge and respond to customer needs and preferences are essential tests of marketing effectiveness, and by extension profitability and company viability. But what companies are selling (say, fast-acting widgets, a tangible good) and what customers are buying (say, an opportunity to save time, an intangible value) may be different. The evolution of modern marketing theory over the course of the 20th century was marked as much by attention to the psychology and sociology of consumers' value judgments and priorities as by attention to mere purchasing power vis-à-vis goods and services. To put it another way, marketing (and the purchasing that may flow therefrom) is as much a social as a financial phenomenon.

Social, psychological, and cultural dynamics of the connection between customers and the objects and services they buy are in the background of this research, which examines the marketing of hair-care products to African Americans in the early and mid-20th century. The research will set forth the social and historical context in which demographic-specific cosmetics were targeted at specialized ethnic groups in the US and then discuss how the phenomenon of marketing hair-care products to African Americans prefigured contemporary niche-marketing analysis and strategy in a way predicated of deeply felt social and cultural forces as well as the more impersonal force of mere purchasing power.

Marketing theory has been identified not only as an aspect of business theory but also as a fundamental component of social, cultural, and political history and of the satisfaction of society within history, "a strategic ingredient" of the "entire industrial process. " But its real import lies in a wider context than that of i...

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