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Mandatory ANA Membership

SHOULD MEMBERSHIP IN THE AMERICAN NURSES' ASSOCIATION BE MANDATORY Introduction This research considers the issue of mandatory membership in 

the American Nurses' Association for all registered nurses. The 

issue is one of concept and not practicality in the near term, 

because their is no mechanism in existence in the United States 

through which such a requirement could be enforced. At the 

conceptual level, however, there are a number of factors 

confronting the profession of nursing in the contemporary 

environment that cause membership of all registered nurses in the 

American Nurses' Association to be a desirable goal.

Factors Influencing the Issue of

The profession of nursing has become increasingly complex, 

as nurses assume greater responsibilities in the areas of 

clinical practice, education, and the advance of nursing science 

(Krouse and Holloran, 1992, pp. 62-64). The changing face of 

society impels the change in nursing (Loveridge, 1991, pp. 46-

A serious shortage of professional nurses exists in most 

geographic areas of the United States, but is particularly acute 

in rural counties and towns (Higgins, 1990, p. B1). The causes 

of the shortage of professional nurses are many and varied. On 

one level, the personnel shortage itself is also a cause, because 

the stress introduced into the practice of professional nursing 

by over-work (resulting from the personnel shortage), in turn, 

causes many more nurses to leave the profession.

The nursing shortage is also aggravated by a significant 

P8 à4 Šdecline in the numbers of new professional nurses being provided 

by schools of nursing (Manthey, 1988, pp. 644-647). The decline 

in the output of schools of nursing is the combined result of 

reduced numbers of students entering the schools, and incre...

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