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Community Service Providers in Puerto Rico


This study examined the relationship between the provision of community services in the community of Capiro, Puerto Rico and governmental, nonprofit, and business entities. In this theoretical conclusion to the study, relevant economic, social, and developmental theory is reviewed.

As the industrial countries began to grant political independence to former colonies subsequent to the end of the Second World War (whether through peaceful transfer or as a result of armed conflict), newly independent countries were often confronted with the daunting task of developing a means of economic survival within an often hostile environment of international trade and domestic poverty.1 The desperate need for hard currency typically meant that the governments of the newly independent countries emphasized the international component in their development programs.

Three theories of development employing an international component widely accepted are the (1) diffusion model, (2) structuralist model, and (3) the dependency model.2 The diffusion model holds that progress is a function of the spread of modernism to backward, archaic, and traditional economies, and that the principal factors leading to development are (1) advanced technology and (2) an infusion of foreign capital.3 In this model, development is equated with industrialization and increased economic diversification.

The diffusion model views development as a gradual process. The structuralist model of economic development attributes under development to structural deficiencies in a country's economy.4 These structural deficiencies are most often defined in the contexts of (1) the need for land reform, (2) problems associated with singlecrop or singleresource economies, and (3) problems associated with an excessive concentration of wealth and income within a country.

The dependency mo...

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