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Egypt's Problems as a Third World Country

This research examines Egypt's problems as a Third World country, with the exception that problems associated with international political relations are not considered. Considered specifically in this examination are (1) internal political problems related to Islamic fundamentalism, (2) cultural problems related to income disparity among the Egyptian population, and (3) economic problems associated with Egypt's external debt.


The Islamic Revolution in Iran occurred in 1979. In the intervening eight years, much of the promise of the revolution for Iran has faded. The revolution has, however, wrought significant political and social changes within Iran, whether or not it has lived up to all its promises.

The Iranian revolution, however, is significant beyond the borders of Iran. The Shi'a branch of Islam is dominant in Iran, although it is a minority Islamic sect outside of Iran. Shi'a throughout the world, however, are united both by a shared interpretation of the faith, and by a shared feeling of persecution at the hands of other branches of Islam. Thus, the Islamic government in Iran conspires to undermine governments in all other Islamic countries who oppose it.

A favored way of attacking opposing governments is by operating through Shi'a population minorities in other Islamic countries. Through the guidance and support of these minority population groups, the Islamic government in Iran isable to precipitate activities which may lead to increased levels of political instability in other Islamic countries.

In the early1990s, many Islamic countries are attempting to develop democratic political structures, concurrently with the development of their economies. The circumstances, resources, and societal values of many of these countries tend to vary widely. One common bond among most of these countries is a claim to an Islamic heritage. Different bran...

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