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High School Principals Leadership Behaviors

This study investigated the impact of high school principals' selected leadership behaviors on levels of teacher job satisfaction. So that the study may be placed in context, this chapter presents a review and discussion of the existing literature. Categories of review cover: (1) definitions of leadership; (2) models of leadership and job satisfaction; (3) the contribution of non-leadership factors to teacher job satisfaction (4) empirical studies of leadership and job satisfaction in educational settings; and (5) empirical studies of factors that modify the leadership and job satisfaction relationship.

Even a cursory review of the literature on leadership reveals one clear fact which is that there is a lack of consensus definitions of leadership. As noted by Feldman and Arnold:

There are almost as many definitions of leadership as there are researchers who have studied the topic (and over 3,000 empirical studies of leadership have been carried out).

In a comprehensive review of the numerous definitions of leadership, Yukl suggested that despite differences, there are commonalities to all definitions. These are: (1) the assumption that leadership involves a group phenomenon consisting of two or more people; and (2) the notion that leadership involves a process of influence whereby intentional influence is exerted by the leader over followers. In other words, at its most basic level, leadership involves one person who is the leader attempting to get other people (followers) to do something which the leader desires them to do.

In the educational setting, the motivating influence a leader (principal) exerts on followers (staff and faculty) can be quite complex. Greenfield has addressed this issue noting that if principals are to effectively administrate, they must be able to function well in a variety of roles. These roles are managerial, instructional, political, social, and moral.

In addition, Kanpol and Weisz ha...

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