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History of Munich

A. Basic facts about Munich presented and legend of its founding.

B. Listing of general outline and structure of paper.

A. Founding of Munich in 1157 and growth due to the Wittelsbach family.

B. 1327 fire and rebuilding of Munich.

C. Munich in the nineteenth century as political capital of Bavaria.

D. Significant events in the twentieth century.

III. Basic theoretical basis for the city in an historical perspective.

A. Political, legal, and sociological definitions of the city.

B. Munich as an urbangrowth center based on theoretical assumptions.

IV. Components of Munich's rise to an urban center.

A. Munich's geographical and political orientation.

B. Munich as an educational and religious center because of its founding by monks.

C. Munich as an industrial and economic center, developing into an administrative and political seat of power due to its geographic location in the region.

D. Munich in the modern, postindustrial period and contemporary position in Europe.

Munich, in German known as M?nchen, is the capital and principle city of the West German (Federal Republic of Germany) state of Bavaria. After Hamburg and Berlin, Munich is the third largest city in the country, and is situated near the Austrian border about thirty miles north of the Alps. The city itself is comprised of an area of about one hundred twenty square miles, and has a predominantly Roman Catholic population. Legend has it that the city's name is derived from "Munichen" which means "home of the monks."1

From the geographical and sociological perspective, the city of Munich is quite interesting. It is an old city, and although it lies near certain established trade routes, is surrounded by mountainous areas. This paper will analyze the way Munich developed into an urban center. First, the general history of the city will be given, along with some basic theoretical standards on urban development. Next, several fac...

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