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Information Based Organizations

The decade of the 1980s has been referred to as being the time of the "birth of the information environment" (Zuboff, 1982, 142). In the decade of the 1990s, the effective organization will be the informationbased organization. Informa tionbased organizations are highly dependent upon the application of computer technology to all facets of management and organizationparticularly the decisionmakingprocesses.

New technological developments, however, "always have economic and social consequences, and, hence, political and ideological implications, which pose problems for society. Computerization has been no exception to this rule, particularly since its applications impinge on every field and open up breathtaking prospects in every sector of society" (GallouedecGenuys, 1978, 219).

Thus, while computerization of the information systems within organizations promises remarkable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, the practice may also sow the seeds of discord, as established practices and patterns are disrupted. This research was concerned with one of the areas of in which discord has developed with respect to the computerization of organizational information systems. The specific area of concern is the education of accounting information specialists.

Information specialists required for organizational management information system (MIS) and accounting information system (AIS) functions require, in turn, universitylevel education as a part of their preparation for their organizational responsibilities (Arens, and Ward, 1984). Within the academic structure of most universities, information system education involving computer applications is conducted by both the Information Systems Department, or its equivalent, and the Accounting Department.

With a continuing need at most universities to apply resources optimally, pressure exists to centralize the responsibility for instruction in computer appl...

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