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Human Resources

Personnel Issues Defined & Discussed

Increasing changes in the workplace environment (on internal, external, local and global dimensions) have put increasing pressure on human resource managers. This has not only affected the role of human resource management in relation to personnel, but it has also transformed the relationship between human resource strategy and corporate strategy. After years of being perceived as one more component of the production line, as dispensable and replaceable, and as insignificant to organization performance, today’s personnel are gaining their long overdue respect as having a significant effect on overall organizational performance:

What we seem to be witnessing are indications that a transformation is taking place, as well as a possible metamorphosis in human resource management, both of which are in response to profound changes in the environment in which organizations operate. At the heart of these two components of change is the compelling need for flexibility/adaptability, quality, and efficiency, not only in methods of production and in workplace practices around which work is organized and managed but also in the work force itself. The skills and commitment of employees have become critical ingredients in enhancing productivity, organizational performance, and competitiveness.

Human resource management is responsible for a host of factors that affect these two components of change, from employee pay to diversity tolerance seminars. This analysis will cover the conventional and modern theories of human resource management and explore three main responsibilities of human resources managers: employee development and training; job design; performance evaluations. Two new models of how human resource management relates two overall corporate strategy will also be reviewed. A conclusion will touch upon some of the biggest challenges facing human resource management based on this analys...

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