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Internet2, also known as the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development is a collaborative effort between more than a hundred universities, government agencies and businesses operating in tandem to create and implement an advanced network that will reliable support new Internet services and applications. The majority of the project is being developed by MCI. This analysis covers the goals, costs, function and participating members who are included in the Internet2 project to provide a very high performance backbone network service (vBNS). Also provided is an explanation of how the US Government is supporting the project and why.

The benefits the Internet2 project will provide, including those for business and personal computer users will be addressed as well as an analysis of the flaws that some contend the system possesses. The different companies and government agencies involved in the project will be discussed for how they tie into the university connection regarding the new service. Relevant statistical, hardware and software requirements are also covered, as well as information regarding the timeline for the project, the costs to the contributing members, illustrations of the Connectivity Cloud that will be linked nationwide, and Internet2 project information will also be illustrated (See Appendix). A brief conclusion will address the uses of the new Internet2 service where eventual personal computer users are concerned and what this new technology development means for the current Internet system.

The current Internet service provides many difficulties for those who must rely on research, education, business and multi-media applications in a timely and reliable manner. The Internet is a key communications medium, however, it offers many hurdles to overcome for those in business, government and education who must rely on fast, reliable information provider...

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