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Adult Education

Perhaps only walking the high wire requires more of a balancing act than is required of an adult student in their thirties who decides to return to college. There are numerous obstacles and challenges to overcome when a middle-aged adult decides to return to college. There are work, family, and financial pressures that are typically not as great for traditional college students in their teens. Adding to these external challenges, there are often internal ones like anxiety over returning to an unfamiliar or long ago experienced environment, and a lack of practice where writing papers and taking exams is concerned. This analysis will explore the challenges and obstacles faced by a middle-aged adult returning to college.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with returning to college for the adult student is economics. There are two factors that contribute to this obstacle. The first is that adult students usually are expected to pay more of their income towards college education before becoming eligible for financial aid than are parents paying for their teenage student, “As independent adults, they generally are expected to contribute a larger share of their income to tuition expenses than is expected of parents of dependent students, before they qualify for financial aid” (Hildebrand, 1993: 1). In addition, returning adult students often have inadequate access to information concerning financial aid than do traditional students. On top of this, there are typically less sources of financial aid available to students. However, there are two sources of financial aid that are available to adults who return to formal education, one designed to help those who have lost their careers because of industry changes and one for those seeking personal and career development irrespective of their present occupation, “Adults willing to dig for information will find at least two major types of potential aid. One of these, sponsore...

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