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Adult Student Essay

“Everything I know, I learned after I was thirty.”

Once I turned thirty, I began to realize I wanted more from life after working as a mechanic in an automotive dealership for fourteen years after high school. My experiences taught me I had deficiencies that are counterproductive to success in today’s competitive, technology-oriented environment, like being unable to operate computer technology. However, I also realized I was more mature than I was when I would have normally enrolled in college. I now knew there was a goal I wanted and college represented the path to achieving it. I faced the major decision of enrolling in college in order to earn an Associate’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance.

The Clemenceau quote above means a lot to me because I really began to learn about the world and myself once I turned thirty. I began to meet new friends because of traveling with a ski club called the Chicago Fryers. On these travels which included destinations across Europe and America, I was exposed to a social crowd of individuals who were much better educated, well-bred, and more open-minded than my typical friends. In order to be accepted among my new friends, I realized I needed more formal education and a means of earning a better living that would also bring me more fulfillment.

My decision to go back to school was also formulated from a desire to interact with women of a more educated and career-oriented nature. I was dating very intelligent, educated and successful woman at the time I made my decision, some of them CEO’s of major corporations with hundreds of employees. Attending work-related parties with these women made me realize education is a valuable tool for social success among successful people. In these kinds of crowds, how you are perceived by your girlfriend’s associates and employers can have an impact on her work suc


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