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Ancient History (Women, Egypt & China)

The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt and China

Looking into the past is often an ideal way of discovering more about the present, both in terms of oneself, others, and society in general. Without such a broad perspective, it is difficult for the individual to be fully integrated in the here-and-now to be of much use for future generations of explorers of the past. If we look at ancient Egypt and China, we discover many things about many different aspects of society and human nature. Tracing the past generations of our species is a uniquely human concept, one that even allows us to note changes in our own evolution, or changes over time as the politically correct would prefer. For instance, we are studying about women in both of these ancient cultures, and what we find are not only a greater understanding of aspects of existence like gender roles, religion, and patriarchy but also discover the celebration of the female in different ways than in modern times. For example, ancient Egypt set a standard for valuing the females of their culture, and women were equal with men naturally because of the valuation, “The most important aspects/attributes/principals of God were personified by women. The netert, or Ma-at, personifies the cosmic-ordering principle. She keeps the universe in balance, order and harmony. Her cosmic power is the source without which the other neterw (gods and goddesses) are functionless and nil” (Gadalla 1). Exploring ancient China, we find the opposite when we discover the origins of the clan, and patriarchal heads of households but also discover Confucian doctrine and Chinese society honoring women greatly in their roles as mothers and mothers-in-law which brought them power within the family. We also find remarkable achievements for women who were basically controlled by men in society in many aspects, “In every age, a handful of extraordinary women managed to achieve positions of far-ranging influen...

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