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Being A Woman

In modern society, there are many opportunities open to women that have been traditionally represented closed doors to them historically. For example, many women run companies, hold elected office, are the primary bread-winner in their households, and many other facets of modern society that were not possible a hundred years ago. Further, from morality and ethics to war and peace, we are beginning to understand that women very often exhibit perspectives that are not only different or offer an option to traditional male thinking but they are very often superior. Women throughout history have represented the true nurturing and socializing force of nature, while men have been basically responsible for 2000 years of warfare and destruction. For these reasons, I feel it would be quite unique to be reincarnated as a woman.

There would be many advantages to coming back to life as a woman. One would be able to have the capacity of the miracle of birth. Regardless of their small but necessary contribution in the birth equation, men are unable to experience the awe and mystic-like process of having a living, breathing being created and developed within their bodies. Women are perhaps more nurturing and pro-life than men because they have felt a baby’s beating heart inside their own body or felt a living being kick their stomach. Surely, for all the unpleasantness that accompanies birth, this experience is something no male can truly understand firsthand. Not only this, but, being a woman is the only way to sustain the human race. Men may contribute a sperm cell, but only women can bring forth more men. Surely the intimate bonding that occurs between a mother and her baby is a worthwhile experience and advantage of being a woman.

Another advantage of being a woman, if one were formerly a man, is that it would give the former male a chance to truly feel what it is like to be a woman. There are


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