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Campus Policing

The rising crime rates across the nation during the 1980s included America’s university campuses. In 1990, the Clinton Administration passed the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (Tritch 32). Under the legislation, any college or university that enrolls students who receive federal financial aid must provide comprehensive yearly statistics on reported campus crimes. The first reports from colleges and universities were released in 1992, covering the period from 1989-1991. The 1991 records on reported crime at the 2,400 U.S. campuses reporting are below:

Traditionally, reported crimes on campuses are typically covered up due to public relations sensitivity. After victims of crime on campus lobbied for right-to-know legislation, campuses were forced to report crime statistics. Yet, even with such legislation there are numerous crimes that occur on college campuses that do not have to be reported under the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act. For example, petty thefts make up a majority of campus crimes but do not have to be reported (stolen computers, stereos, etc.). Further, the statistics on crime are not weighted in light of campus size or location so comparing one school to another based on the statistics alone does not provide a true picture of campus crime and safety.

Still, any prospective student who wishes a copy of the campus crime report will receive a document that lists all reported crimes for the past three years mandated by the Campus Security Act, along with a description of that campus’ security policies. In addition, the U.S. Department of Education has a database of crime rates at most college and universities online. Other problems common to school campuses include hazing, sexual harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, and hate crimes. The Campus Violence Prevention Center at the Towson State University in Maryland note, “Alcohol figures in as much as 90% of violent campus cr...

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