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Charles A. Lindbergh

Is he alone who has courage on his right hand and faith on his left hand?

In his lifetime, Charles A. Lindbergh achieved many great accomplishments, including his solo non-stop flight between New York and Paris. However, he also worked for the U. S. Government in the military and as a consultant. He also spent time working for Pan Am and served as a technical adviser. He was a man of firm convictions in possession of a teleological worldview that encompassed a vision of technology and humanity. He believed science and nature were aspects of the physical and the spiritual environment. Although he would become disenchanted with technology at one stage in his life, he was able to resolve his internal struggle and formulate a philosophy that encompassed technology and humanity as complimentary forces. Lindbergh was also perceived by many as anti-Semitic, and, due to his admiration of the German air force, his decoration granted by Adolph Hitler, and his pacifist views he found himself the enemy of Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, Europe and America viewed Lindbergh as a hero and the struggles he encountered to find a relationship between technology and humanity were typical to his era, an era when technology was rapidly developing as it is in our own era, “Throughout his life, Lindbergh’s value structure, interests, and activities shifted and moved between a conflict between instinct and intellect. Both its presence in his life and his readjustment of values in accordance with it are representative of his time and culture. He moved, with the 20th century itself, from a faith in technology to a disenchantment with it and finally to a balanced resolution that synthesized the seeming oppositions of technology and the human spirit” (Popular 1). This history of Lindbergh will focus on events during his life after his famous solo flight across the Atlantic.

Lindbergh’s flight took place in 1927 and when he returned to Ame...

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