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Entrance Essay

The biggest professional goal I have aside from becoming a pharmacist is to one day run for local office in the city in which I will live. I plan to achieve this by being an active member in many community organizations and by involving myself in local and state politics during my first decade of work as a pharmacist. I desire this goal so that one day I will be in a position to have an influence over policies that will impact my friends, family members, and community.

My biggest personal goal is ensuring that I balance my professional goals and personal life in a manner that will allow me to be a successful pharmacist as well as a successful parent. I plan on being actively involved in local community organizations like church and the girl or boy scouts as well as my children’s school activities in order to achieve this goal.

I believe one of the biggest social problems in this country is the lack of affordable health care and the high cost of prescription drugs for the uninsured, working poor and the elderly. I intend to involve myself in local and state politics as well as a number of professional pharmaceutical organizations and agencies in order to fight for affordable health care for all Americans as well as affordable prescriptions for the working poor, uninsured and the elderly.

The individual I most admire in life is without doubt my mother. My mother’s courage, sacrifices, strength and love for me and my family were demonstrated to me when we emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam. My mother not only helped us become successful in our studies and the local community by tirelessly working and sacrificing for our needs, but she also showed remarkable bravery and courage by undertaking these efforts without her husband and my father.

My strongest personal characteristic is my ability to focus on my goals, sacrificing my desires in the here an


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