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Freedom Accountability

There is no freedom without accountability in modern societies. A person who has real freedom is not accountable for his doings. Humankind in its natural state in nature enjoyed such freedoms. For example, the cave man could take whatever woman he wanted, kill whatever food he wanted, and kill anyone who tried to prevent him from doing so. In modern society, we are free to do whatever we like, but this is based on our not encroaching upon the rights or freedoms of others. This is known as civil or legal accountability. However, other forms of accountability exist, such as moral accountability (i.e. obeying God’s commandments). For example, if you kill someone you have transgressed legal and moral accountability. If you act freely to deflower an unsuspecting virgin of legal but younger age, you may not have broken laws but many would feel you have transgressed moral accountability. We have accountability in modern society so if the free actions of individuals impose upon the rights or freedoms of others, punishment will ensue.

Despite having freedoms in society, accountability is necessary to ensure them for all. One of the best examples that proves this is our modern ability to move about freely in the United States. We all believe that we have the right to drive wherever we like. However, while we may be free to go wherever we want, there is accountability that comes with such freedom. For example, we are able to drive anywhere but we are not permitted to drive intoxicated, speed, or disregard traffic signals and signs. While some may see this as curtailing personal freedoms, without such accountability we would be free to go but would more than likely have that right encroached upon by drunk drivers, speeders, and those who disregard traffic signals and signs. For example, without such accountability we would have much less freedom to go where we like because we would understand the risks


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