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Immigration Impact on U.S. Culture

Contemporary waves of immigration have an enormous impact on American culture, from politics to the arts. Perhaps more than any other nation, the history of America is immigration. The Census bureau estimated that between 1990 and 2000, the nation’s population would grow from 249 million to 275 million with about 35 percent of the gain due to immigration (Samuelson 1). These numbers make many individuals begin to think protectionism when it comes to immigration numbers, because fears arise over whether or not American can accommodate or assimilate such enormous numbers of immigrants. However, these fears make many forget that America’s rich history of immigration demonstrates the enormous capacity of the culture to absorb immigrants. In fact, recent reports that New York’s population climbed to over 8 million for the first time in its history, due largely to increases due to immigration, were met with enthusiasm by city officials (Cohn A01). As one noted “New York is a prototypical case of a place where if not for immigration, it would not be the vibrant city that it is. The lifeblood of the cities and hope for the cities is continued immigration” (Cohn A01). This analysis will discuss the impact such large numbers of immigrants have on American culture. A conclusion will address some important concerns for future policymakers in light of the recent wave of immigration to the U.S.

One of the most positive impacts from recent immigration trends is the fact that many immigrants choose to locate in large urban areas, areas that have been steadily losing population numbers for the past decade or two. In this way, they fuel the growth of big cities. As one expert on this issue notes “Cities that attract immigrants have turned around decades of population loss. Including Chicago, whose population grew for the first time since 1950, reaching 2.9 million” (Cohn A01). While many argue immigration harms cities becau...

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