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Leader Interview

My interview with Mr. John Reffner, principal of Keith Jr. High School, occurred during his implementation of an information technology (IT) system to connect all employees and help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum. Mr. Reffner’s leadership during this time revealed many lessons for administrators hoping to successfully implement technology in their schools. As Cromwell (2001) maintains, “Most teachers, school administrators, students, and parents know that computer literacy is vital to success in the 21st century, but they do not know the best way to develop technological effectiveness in our schools” (1). During my observation of Mr. Reffner’s leadership while implementing the IT program, I discovered some valuable lessons for achieving such effectiveness.

Educational experts like the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) insist that the schools of tomorrow will incorporate technologies in ways never before possible (Teacher 2003). Remote learning, accessing the classroom from home, and a variety of other technology trends will characterize the school of the future. Because of such reality, today’s administrators are in a position where they must develop technology competencies in teachers and students to prepare them best for success. A good deal of resistance toward technology and the changing teaching paradigm it brings is often encountered by administrators among staff. However, Mr. Reffner explains that the principal is the guiding force in overcoming such resistance. His personal viewpoint embraces the positive educational and economic aspects of technology. He finds this enthusiasm a key to the low resistance among his staff. As he maintains, “In my experience, technology integration is highest in buildings in which the principal is involved and excited about technology and its possibilities. Modeling tec...

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