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Med School Entrance Essay

The philosophies of Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, Eugene O’Neill and others contend that in order to reach self-actualization and find authentic belonging in the external world, the individual must be able to sacrifice the self to the self immersed in a higher purpose that transcends self-gratification and is meant to help all humanity. My own adherence to such a life quest philosophy makes me believe receiving a fellowship award will greatly benefit society.

My identity and personality development to now have included numerous elements including sacrifices, discipline, hard work, continual self-discovery, social interaction, and continuous learning, elements that have helped me shape myself in a manner that gives me greater success at reaching my goals. My chief goal is achieving a harmony between my internal satisfaction and my external belonging. My methods of achieving this goal include becoming a physician who is dedicated to bringing community care to all who are in need, young or old, rich or poor. Further, my desires include becoming a mentor and role model for my patients. This is true in terms of achieving a healthy lifestyle. This enables me to act as a role model for my patients when trying to help them modify their own lifestyles towards better health. I also wish to act as a role model to give back to those who have inspired me, like Dr. Ben Carson who lifted himself through his own will and efforts from the inner-city of Detroit to the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital. By doing this I will inspire others; a form of giving back to persons who gave to me like Dr. Carson.

My activities and explorations have included many experiences that demonstrate my goal to give to the community, particularly the neediest. I have extensive volunteer experience, from assisting as a mid-wife in Costa Rica to researching endocrinology at the National Institute of


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