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Part Time Workers

Today’s organizations continue to look for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and profits, and retain competitive advantage. One of the ways many organizations are trying to achieve this goal is by employing part-time workers. Part-time workers offer many advantages to both employees and employers. There are many reasons why it is beneficial for an organization to hire part-time employees. One of these is cost savings. Typically part-time employees are paid less per hour than full time employees. In many instance employees who work part-time do not receive benefits, saving companies additional resources. Further, part-time employees are an excellent way of finding good permanent employees.

In order to retain competitive advantage, companies must do more than listed above. They must also have the ability to recruit, attract, and retain top-notch employees to provide higher levels of service to remain competitive. Because of this, many part-time employees are often hired on a full-time basis because they do so well in part-time positions. Many employers are increasingly in favor of drawing human resource talent from the pool of part-time workers in their own company. As one executive explains, “It’s a trial before you buy that works for both the employer and the part-time hire” (Kreisler S-8). Employees also like this kind of opportunity. As one part-time employee who became employed on a full-time basis noted: “I took the part-time job because I was looking to get my foot in the door” (Kreisler S-8). Indeed, it is often an easier way to gain a full-time position by taking a part-time one than seeking full-time work outright.

There is another benefit for both employers and employees that part-time help provides. The aging of the Baby Boomers means that the American work force will soon experience a dramatic transformation. As more Boomers retire, there will not be enough


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