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Technology Assessment

The technology not currently in use by FYI (For Your Information), a business research company, is having an electronic Web site that is connected to its vendors, customers and distributors. FYI provides research information to businesses that help them with decision-making from giving them access to an unlimited supply of information depending on their particular needs. Web technology is affordable, available, and, despite the threats of hackers, e-mail sales processing, and credit card fraud, it is very reliable. Having a Web site that is connected to customers (allowing them to order, pay and receive their orders via computer), vendors (allowing them to be hired, paid and send their product via computer) and distributors (FedEx, UPS, USPO, etc.) is essential in the global marketplace and soon to be pervasive electronic age.

The potential benefits to the company are enormous. First, it will allow them greater marketing accessibility and reach by having a site that is on the World Wide Web search engines. This will make access to their product available to business world-wide in a timely and economic fashion. Further, all tracking, ordering, shipping, billing, communication and other aspects can be carried out electronically instead of creating a massive amount of paper that requires much more manual processing. In addition, filing, cataloguing, and order processing can be carried out entirely by e-mail, attachment and other electronic communications (like faxing, scanning, etc.).

The electronic sales of research over the World Wide Web has many applications for FYI. For example, they will be able to advertise to a much wider audience with less cost and outside assistance (i.e., advertising executives, ad placement professionals, etc.). It can also be applied in the shipping department. The work can now be electronically faxed or e-mailed as an attachment for a minimal cost as opposed to the traditional method of...

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