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The Storm Kate Chopin

Chopin’s The Storm depicts the adulterous union of two married people, Calixta and Alcee. Calixta’s husband and son are trapped because of a storm, and Alcee’s wife and children are out of town in Biloxi. Throughout this tale there are numerous uses of symbolism that help the reader understand the meaning of adultery. The symbolism in the story comprises of symbols alluding to the fierce storm that overtakes the area – much like the fierce passion that grips Calixta and Alcee in its midst. When the story opens, Calixta’s husband notices the approaching storm – one whose features are a warning of what is coming into his own life: “...somber clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west, accompanied by a sullen, threatening roar” (Chopin 1).

Alcee arrives at Calixta’s house like the clouds with “sinister intention”. Various allusions and symbols of the storm mirror the emotions of the characters. For example, Calixta is nervous because of Alcee’s presence, and her comment regarding the rain symbolizes her fear that she might not be able to contain her emotions, “If this keeps up, Dieu sait if the levees goin’ to stan it!” (Chopin 2). After they have sex, the storm recedes along with the passionate emotions it brings in the couple, “The growl of thunder was distant and passing away” (Chopin 3). Finally, we discover that Alcee’s wife and child are away from home, something she enjoys and something Alcee tries to encourage. When she receives his letter urging her to extend her vacation, she is willing to forego their intimate conjugal life a bit longer. So, too, Calixta’s husband is simplistic and looks forward to a good dinner. At this point we are told in the last line of the story, “So the storm passed and every one was happy” (Chopin 4). The storm may have passed and all four adults may be happy, but we, as readers, understand this particu


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