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Personal Essay on contribution to my school community

In what ways have you contributed to the school community in the past two years?

I have done a lot of things to help our environment. I recycle cans and plastic. A few months ago I was one of the people who worked all day cleaning the beach in Santa Monica.

I also have collected canned goods for the homeless and I jumped rope in a marathon for AIDS awareness.

In what ways have you taken a leadership position in the school community?

I have a strong school spirit and spend a lot of time in the library reading and helping the librarian index and catalogue books. I like doing thing, especially school sponsored activities, which help make Los Angeles a better place for everyone to live. Also, I am captain of a flag football team and I am the fastest sprinter at my school. I play for the San Fernando Valley Track and Field team, where I run the 100 yard dash and am also a relay anchor.

I am the executive vice-president of a software development firm. Although I am a single parent, my salary was high enough that I am able to afford a private education for my child while he attended the Mirman School.

I have volunteered to help with breakfast program, where I helped prepare meals. Moreover, I manned booth at the Mirman School's annual Spring Fair and made a contribution to the school's annual auction. In addition, I donated software and other types of computer equipment to the school. Finally I have encouraged my son's peer to visit our home and I have facilitated play dates which help my son's socialization process into the broader Mirman Community.

Do you have any brothers and sisters? What are their names and where do they attend school?

Yes, I have a 14 year old brother by the name of Sean. He lives with my mother and attends a school in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Which school do you currently attend?

I am a student at the Mirman School.


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