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Minority Student Academic Achievement and Social Background


This research presents a proposal for the conduct of a research study. The area of research will be the relationship between socioeconomic background and minority student academic achievement. This proposal is presented in the contexts of (1) the problem to be investigated, (2) background information and review of related literature, (3) procedures, (4) anticipated findings, and (5) summary and potential conclusions.

The problem to be investigated is described in this sec-tion. The problem description is presented in the contexts of (1) the purpose of the proposed study, (2) justification for the conduct of the proposed study, (3) research questions to be investigated and research hypotheses to be tested, and (4) definitions of terms.

The purpose of the proposed study will be to assess the effects of socioeconomic background variables on the academic achievement of minority students. The effects on academic achievement of racial, ethnic, economic, and sociological characteristics will be examined.

The relatively poor performance of minority group children

on standardized tests in language and mathematics is an issue of national concern in the United States (Entwisle and Alexander. 1992, p. 72). The existence of a string relationship between

student socioeconomic status and the academic achievements of the students are widely accepted (Comer, 1988, pp. 42-48). Resnick and Resnick (1988, pp. 577) flatly stated that, as a result of prior research, it is known that "parental education and income are good predictors of children's academic achieve-ment." Both an earlier study conducted by White (1982, pp. 461-481) and a later study conducted by Moeller (1994, pp. 34-37), however, cast some doubt on this contention.

This area of research is highly significant because the assumed socioeconomic status/academic achievement relationship is...

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