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Expert systems

Expert systems are expected to alter the way we do business as new applications are found and as more complex systems are developed and implemented. Expert systems constitute an application of artificial intelligence (AI) to business uses. Since World War II, scientists have been working to develop computers that would act more like human beings, and this entire research effort, which includes decision-making systems, robotic devices, and attempts at computer speech, comes under the heading of artificial intelligence. Some of these AI methods have emerged from the laboratory in recent years and have been applied to various business uses. One type that has been used is a collection of AI techniques enabling computers to assist people in analyzing problems and making decisions. The result is the implementation of knowledge-based systems, as they are called, to numerous commercial applications. Expert systems are also in development that wold assist managers with complex planing and scheduling tasks, the diagnosis of diseases, location of mineral deposits, the configuration of complex computer hardware, and offering aid to mechanics in troubleshooting locomotive problems.

Harmon and King (1985) point out that as recently as 1980 expert systems research was still confined to a few university research laboratories, while today the United States, Japan, England, and the European Economic Community are all in the process of launching major research programs to develop and implement expert systems. Many Fortune 500 companies have assembled AI departments. Harmon and King predict: "Expert systems will change the way businesses operate by learning the way people think about solving problems" (p. 1).

Expert systems are only in their infancy, as can be seen by the short period of time during which they have been applied to real-life situations rather than merely laboratory problems. The range of applications is quite broad, and...

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