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This research critiques the article "Human Responses to Chronic Illness: Physiologic and Psychosocial Adaptation" by Susan Pollock (1986, pp. 90-95). The critiqued is performed relation to two general aspects of the article. The first aspect encompasses those elements of the article through which the author/researcher defined the problem, established theoretical bases for the research, and provided other information relevant to the research study. The second aspect covers the research methodology, study findings, and the assessment by the critique writer of the relevance to nursing practice of the research reported in the article.

Problem Definition, Bases For Conduct of the

Eight elements of the article are critiqued in this section. The article title and article abstract are considered together, as are the article introduction and problem statement. Ethical controls, review of literature, theoretical framework, and research hypotheses are addressed in separate discussions.

The title of the article was succinct and accurate. Persons reading the article title would know what to expect from a reading of the article. The article abstract was comprehensive in content and concise in reporting. Research objectives, method, and major findings were included in the abstract. The most important information not included in the abstract of the article were the conclusions drawn by the author/researcher.

The willingness of subjects to participate in the study was verified by physicians responsible for treatment of the subjects (Pollock, 1986, p. 91). The conduct study, together with the procedures established to protect the rights of subjects, was approved by a departmental committee of the School of Nursing, University of Texas at Austin, by the institutional review board of the participating hospital, and a multiinstitutional review board for the Austin area. Subjects were informed of the study purpose and study procedures...

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