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Constructivist Leadership Model

For this activity, I selected the constructivist leadership model for further analysis. In view of the difficulties and the challenges confronted by educators with implementing educational reforms to improve the quality of education, I believe that only a new mindset about leadership is needed transform the current education system. Contrary to the traditional hierarchical structure of leadership that confines educators and administrators to discrete roles, the constructivist leadership model distributes leadership powers and responsibilities to all stakeholders within the community. This approach overcomes the isolation of the educators and the administrators and promotes collaboration among all parties. Instead of focusing on their self-interests, all the stakeholders within the community work together with one another in order to promote the well-being of the community (Lambert, 1998; Lambert & King, n. d.).

As with most schools, my school is also governed by the traditional approach in which the principal is given complete power and authority to make decisions and impose them on the teachers. The teachers are simply expected to comply with these decisions without questioning them. As a result, the school environment is characterized by divisions among the stakeholders. The teachers are often resentful of the decisions handed down by the administrators. From their perspective, the principal and vice-principal are clueless about the needs and problems faced by the teachers in the classroom setting. In order to overcome these divisions and tensions, the constructivist leadership model should be employed.

In order to obtain information about the constructivist leadership model, I gathered information from two primary sources: the library and the Internet. Articles in professional journals and Internet sources on the topic of constructivist leadership within the education setting were retrieved and examined. Apart fr...

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