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My Personal Philosophy of Adult Education

My Personal Philosophy of Adult Education (Situation 4)

My personal philosophy of adult education is derived from my personal perceptions about the fundamental purpose of education. From my perspective, education should be an empowering tool that enables human beings to attain their full potential and realize their aspirations throughout their lifespan. In this instance, education should offer human beings the opportunity to enhance their employment skills so that they can pursue the career of their choice. My personal philosophy of adult education is formulated to cultivate adult learners who can realize the aforementioned benefits of education.

A key purpose of adult education is to enable adult learners to maximize their full potential. Through education, adults should be able to realize their dreams of being the best that they can be, in whatever profession of their choice. Regardless of their ages, adult learners should always be engaged in the process of learning. Therefore, their return to the educational setting should be supported.

Adult education should empower adult learners by giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning process such as making decisions about their learning activities (Knowles, 1980; Zemke & Zemke, 1995).

Adult education should incorporate the specific learning objectives of the adults and their desire to learn information that is pertinent to their career choice (Knowles, 1980; Lee, 1998).

Adult learners who typically perceive themselves as independent and autonomous should be given the primary responsibility for shaping their learning process (Knowles, 1980; Lee, 1998). Essentially, throughout the learning process, they should be making important decisions, with the guidance of the adult educators, as to the content and the method of their learning.

Adult learners possess a vast store of knowledge and expe


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