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Advertising Plan for New Perfume

An advertising plan is presented for the formal rollout of the Wild Abandon perfume product. The objectives are stated followed by a summary of revenue, cash flow, and balance sheet impact to overall company performance based upon the introduction of this product. A breakdown for utilization of necessary financing for this rollout is presented at the beginning of the budget section of this plan. Strategy, execution and evaluation approaches conclude this presentation.

With the reduction in perfume sales volume over recent years, the rollout of the Wild Abandon product is intended to bolster what are considered by ownership to be lagging company sales. In the case of the advertising plan discussed herein, the objectives will be as follows: increase customer awareness for the product; change the belief structure of the consumer pertaining to this particular product; influence the purchasing intentions of the customer; conversion of "one-time" users to repeat users; provide a general increase in overall product sales for the company.

The following methods will be used to measure the success of the product advertising campaign.

Incremental increase in all company product sales over the testing period of the plan.

The differential number of "hits" obtained on the corporate Web-site.

Initial feedback from the company's product marketing group and accounting group indicates that there needs to be a general increase in overall sales volume (all company products) as a result of the rollout of the "Wild Abandon" product. While not every customer solicited will necessarily buy "Wild Abandon," they may purchase one of the other company products as a result of the "Wild Abandon" product launch.

The following budgetary numbers are presented that will detail out the impact of the "Wild Abandon" program to overall company sales. In support of the product rollout, the business is seeking $295,000


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