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Family abuse

Family abuse is broad subject. Family maltreatment is an important topic, due to the fact that children who are the future of the society learn their basic values from their family.

In the case of O.J. Simpson the media captured the attention of the public in the infamous double murder case. What the public can learn from the O.J. Simpson case is that spousal abuse can sometimes lead to fatal endings. In my opinion the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson, was at fault as well. Although Nicole Brown Simpson was divorced from O.J., she continued to spend some of the holidays with him. I believe that the two to three weeks a year that Nicole Brown Simpson spent with O.J. Simpson renewed old marital feelings and habits. I think that when a couple separates and divorces due to reasons of physical abuse, they should stay away from each other and they should not have any type of relationship with each other. If O.J. Simpson was not a proper husband for Nicole Brown Simpson then why did she sleep and spend time with him? There is no doubt in my mind that O.J. Simpson's actions were completely wrong and he should receive a life sentence, but his ex-wife had played head-games with him.

The John Wayne Bobbit case demonstrated to the men in our society that if they keep abusing their mate there are chances for harsh revenge. John Bobbit was wrong for abusing his wife and should have been punished by law for his actions, but what his wife did to him was unacceptable.

The problem I notice in Southern California is an extreme form of feminism and the abuse of male rights. Two wrongs do not make a right. All extreme and fanatical laws are wrong. For example, the abuse of women's rights in the Middle East is sad and terrible. There are Islamic fanatics in the Middle East just as there are feminist fanatics in California. The Islamic law in Iran states that women are second class citizens. While it is not a written...

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