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AIDS and Testing

Twenty years ago, the woman who had recently tested positive for HIV would have had little support and probably been dead within a matter of months. In fact, since there were no tests available at the time, she would have been dead of one of the many opportunistic diseases before it had been realized by health officials that she was not only HIV positive, but had become sick enough to be classified as having AIDS (SF Gate, 2001). As AIDS turns 20 years old, it may be noted that there are many educational, social, and medical resources available for those who are HIV positive. Educational resources are available online, in schools, on college campuses, hospital campuses, in clinics like the Long Beach Comprehensive Health Center, and of course at places like the AIDS Services Foundation in Orange County, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA, 2001). As discussed in Section II, places like the AIDS Services Foundation are comprehensive resources for the HIV positive person to use in getting help to find medical care and housing, as well as being a safe place to go ask for advice or support. Because of the resources currently available, the woman who tested positive for HIV will be able to meet with a counselor or her doctor and develop a strategy for living. Although there is still the possibility of developing AIDS, and living with AIDS is still a challenge, in the United States at least, it is no longer necessarily a death sentence.

Due to a sharp decrease in reported cases and deaths in 1996, it had been hoped, in the United States at least, that the spread of AIDS had at last been contained. However, due to the complacency on the part of some populations and a gap in education of other populations, there was a sharp increase again in 1999 (an estimated 11 per minute) (APLA, 2001; SF Gate, 2001). Currently, world-wide, there are 36.1 million people living with AIDS. In the


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