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Communication Lesson of the Film Jerry Maguire

The film Jerry Maguire (Christoper Crowe, 1996) tells the story of a sports agent whose experience illustrates a number of issues in business and interpersonal communications. Many of Maguire's problems derive from his communication failures or the failures of the business he is in to have an ethical and value-centered communications record. Indeed, the film shows how the ideals of business communications as a subject in business schools can clash with the reality of business in the real world and how often businesses are conducted with an ethical veneer that is just that--a veneer that hides the unethical, uncaring, and money-directed corporate culture beneath the surface. The business of sports agent and sports marketing indeed would seem to be one where the ethical rules are often bent, though what the film shows is that someone can follow the rules and still succeed and even do so in a way that is more personally satisfying as well as professionally valuable. Jerry Maguire himself changes during the course of the film so that he becomes more ethical and more sincere. In the beginning, he is a persuasive man as an agent but not as a human being. His attempt to develop a more ethical vision is at first thwarted precisely because he himself is not a good example, and by the end, he is more persuasive because he has lived his beliefs and so is more believable. This is the central communications lesson of the film and shows how the professional and the personal are inevitably interconnected.

In the film Jerry Maguire, the relationship between Jerry and his football-playing client develops along the lines of a memo Jerry had written to his firm. He had suggested making major changes in the way the company did business, asking that they accept fewer clients and give those clients better and more personal service. When Jerry ends up with his one client, it is more by accident than design--he had intended to have an even bigge...

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