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Abortion debate in American Society

This paper examines the abortion debate in American society. It considers the history of the issue since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which changed the nature of the debate. Before that time, abortion was illegal. After that decision, abortion was legal under certain conditions. The debate did not end, though, and other court cases were also brought and decided without ending the debate. The examination of the issues shows that each side has strong opinions which cannot be changed and which continue to lead to argument. The extreme positions do not recognize the truth of any of the claims of the opposite side. Abortion itself is a difficult issue and one that creates social problems, but the argument has also created social problems, including some violence on both sides. It does not seem likely that this issue will be solved in the near future.

Abortion is a very sensitive topic in United States society. Abortion is the subject of many important legal cases from 1973 to the present which have been by the United States Supreme Court. This research paper will outline the historical background of the abortion debate and discuss abortion as a social issue. The paper will explore the social problems exploited by advocates on the topic. The paper will address many writings on the subject which show the very strong emotions behind coloring the debate. Some of these emotions are expressed by those who are "pro choice," those who are "pro life," or those who are "anti-choice." This paper will evaluate the advocacy positions taken by all sides. By analyzing the abortion problem, the paper will try to predict possible solutions to resolve abortion conflicts.

In America, abortion is currently legal, but the abortion debate remains loud and strong. Hundreds of abortion laws are introduced in the United States every year, some to outlaw abortion, some to make minor corrections in the law, and some to increase abortion righ...

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