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God's Relation to the World

 According to the first twenty-five verses of the Bible, God spent most of the first six "days" of Creation establishing the heavens and the earth; light; atmosphere; dry land between the great oceans; vegetation; seed plants; fruit-bearing trees; stars in the night sky; sun and moon; all manner of creatures living in the waters and birds to fly in the air; and the cattle, beasts, and "everything that creeps on the ground"; and He decided that what He had done was "good." In the 26th verse of Genesis 1, God determines to create man "in Our image" and proceeded to do so in the next. In imbuing mankind with dominion over all earthly things, God decided that what he had made was "very good."

In the five thousand, seven hundred-or-so years which have followed (reckoned according to the Jewish calendar), segments of mankind (or singular individuals) have made remarkable attempts to reinterpret or completely supplant what most of the Christian church (as well as some in Judaism and Islam) holds doctrinally to be the omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence of God--as literally revealed in the Bible. Some of these attempts have been labeled and dismissed as heresies, while others have evolved into highly developed systems of philosophy, or philosophies of religion; still others have been branded as "cults" by mainstream Judaism and/or Christianity, and treated as outcasts.

As God created man, He instilled in him a capacity for reason, as well as a capacity to worship. Some choose to worship the God of Judeo-Christian Biblical proportions, while others have worshipped a pantheon of gods, or have focused their worship on objects animated with life or totally inanimate. The desire to worship rests, to some degree, upon man's capacity for reason: "Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I here? And from where did all these things around me come?"

This paper will address, from a decidedly Judeo-Christian perspect...

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