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Flexibility & ROM of Joint Function

The study of joint function is important both for rehabilitative and training purposes. The restoration of movement to stiff joints following surgery can be used as a measure of therapeutic effectiveness. Likewise, flexibility training has been shown to increase the body's ability to adjust to physical stress. Both flexibility and range of motion (ROM) involve movement of a joint through its normal plane. Some of the factors affecting this movement include gender, age, and temperature. Range of motion can be measured by both general and specific tests. The use of such techniques has led to methods for increasing flexibility. Regular application of flexibility training may lead to enhanced athletic performance.

Range of motion and flexibility are two important objectives for both physical therapists and athletic trainers (1:63). Following surgical repair, the rehabilitative therapy of joints typically involves efforts to restore normal movement capabilities (6:441). In addition, in athletes, flexibility exercises can have a number of beneficial effects. For example, the training may prevent injury, reduce muscle soreness, improve skill, and increase muscle relaxation following exertion. Research has suggested that, with muscletendon units, flexibility may provide joints with dynamic stabilization and, thus, support the passive protection of the ligaments (3:366). Flexibility training has been recommended for the knee, ankle, hip, elbow, wrist, and shoulder joints. Such exercises may be particularly important for the hamstrings muscles.

Flexibility can be defined as "the range of motion of a joint or a series of joints that are influenced by muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and bony structures" (1:63). Typically, synovial joints occur between two articulating bones and their articular cartilage. The surfaces of this cartilage are enclosed in a fibrous articular capsule. Within the capsule is a fluidfi...

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